Frequently Asked Questions

RN Butterfly face masks ARE NOT N95 masks. N95 masks can filtrate at least 95% particles in the air. That is where they get the “95” from. RN butterfly masks are an optimal option that provides a supreme level of protection during this global pandemic. Several university research studies have tested a wide range of household materials for homemade masks. Their results have consistently shown that vacuum cleaner bags have a 95% filtration ability, and cotton blend fabric is at a 74% filtration ability. *Reference: Davies et al., (2003) Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness Our design is unique in that they are the two layers of cotton-blend fabric with a pocket that allows disposable filters to be inserted for an extra layer(s) of protection. The level of protection is enhanced by combining a filter sheet with a 95% filtration ability to the 74% barrier provided by the reusable cloth mask. The removable filters are meant to be used one-time use. They can be washed, but they do lose their integrity with each wash.

1. You can order additional filter sheets from us at 35 cents per sheet.

2. At your discretion and risk, you may use other household materials that can be a similar substitution (i.e., Non-reusable vacuum cleaner bags).

3. As a last resort, you still have the washable, reusable cloth masks that provide you with a 74% filtration protection barrier.

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  • Once an N95 is used for one day, they need to be discarded (All the droplets that were exposed to the outside stay on the mask).
  • Having to buy a mask per day that you expose yourself to the outside is both expensive and unrealistic, as they are very deficient in supply.
  • You can get a month’s supply in removable filters for ~10 dollars.
  • Healthcare providers NEED them!! Keep in mind that it is VERY different, having to go to the grocery store for 30 mins then to work a 12+ hour shift on a facility with positive cases. Healthcare workers DON’T GET A CHOICE of what patients they are required to take care of. They have a dramatically higher risk of getting infected that of the general population.
  • An N95 mask NEEDS to be the adequate sized to the person’s head to obtain the protection of an N95 respirator effectively, a seal is essential, which can only be done using the right size N95 mask*.
    *United States regulations mandate that health care workers get fit-tested every year, a process that involves spraying foul-tasting fumes around a person’s head to see if the mask successfully blocks particles from entering the nose and mouth. 

Hand wash and let air dry.

We recommend buying two masks so that you have a back up when one is being washed 🙂

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